Kitchen Sink (Nano + Honeycomb)

What is Nano Honeycomb Kitchen Sink?

Nano + Honeycomb is the latest technology used in the manufacturing of  modern kitchen sinks. It involves creating a Honeycomb-like structure on the surface of the sink using Nano-Particles.
This structure provides additional strength and durability to the sink, making it resistant to scratches and other damage. It is also made of Food Grade Stainless Steel which means not only it is durable, it is also safe for food preparation

Food Grade Safe SUS304 Stainless Steel

These sinks are made of food-grade stainless steel, which means they are both durable and safe for food preparation. Food Grade stainless steel is known for its resistance to corrosion, rust, and staining, with extra Nano Technology, making this Nano Honeycomb sink an ideal material for use in the kitchen.

Durable and Scratch Resistance

With the help of Nano Tech and Honeycomb structure, made this sink extremely durable and scratch resistance, which helps to prevent scratches and dents from everyday use where heavy pots and pans, sharp utensils, and abrasive cleaning tools can easily cause damage.

Nano Anti-Bacteria 

This Nano Honeycomb sink’s surface is treated with a special coating that contains microscopic particles that prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and other harmful microorganisms. This is particularly important in a kitchen sink, where food particles and moisture can easily accumulate and lead to bacterial growth.

Oil Proof

This Nano+Honeycomb coating helps to repel oils, grease, and other substances commonly found in the kitchen, which can help to keep the sink looking clean and new for longer periods of time. 

Non-Metallic Toxicity

These materials are made of advanced composites or synthetic polymers that are free from harmful chemicals or toxins. This is particularly important for households that are concerned about the safety and health of their families, as non-toxic materials can help to prevent the leaching of harmful substances into food or water.

Tested, Inspected and Certified by STL

Nano + Honeycomb Kitchen Sinks are tested and approved by a reputable organization – Singapore Test Lab, provide an added level of assurance to consumers regarding the quality and safety of the product.


The Singapore Test Lab is a well-respected testing and certification organization that is recognized globally for its high standards and rigorous testing procedures.


This sink is approved by the Singapore Test Lab has undergone extensive testing and analysis to ensure that it meets or exceeds the organization’s strict criteria for quality, safety, and performance. This means that you can trust that your honeycomb sink is of the highest quality, and has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it is safe and reliable for use in your home.

2 Models Available:

KITCHEN SINK (Nano + Honeycomb) - BSQ6045NHC

Handmade Thickness: 3.0 + 1.2mm
10mm Round Radius Corner for Easy Maintain
Finish: Honeycomb + Nano Surface
Overall Size: 600(L) x 450(W) x 230(D)mm
Bowl Size: 550(L) x 400(W)mm

KITCHEN SINK (Nano + Honeycomb) - BSQ6845NHC

Handmade Thickness: 3.0 + 1.2mm
10mm Round Radius Corner for Easy Maintain
Finish: Honeycomb + Nano Surface
Overall Size: 680(L) x 450(W) x 230(D)mm
Bowl Size: 630(L) x 400(W)mm