With a proven track record of trustworthiness, our company stands proudly as a multi-award-winning industry leader, recognized for excellence by both our valued customers and industry experts
As a mark of robust brand performance and exceptional service delivery, trusted by Singapore consumers
Achiever in Innovation, Ingenuity and Initiative, mark of robust brand performance and exceptional service
Recognised as a recipient of the First Consumers Choice 2023/2024, exemplify outstanding business ethics and a dedication to equitable trade, honesty towards Singapore local and Oversea consumers
For excellent performance and providing quality service amongst the best in the trade, aggressively entering into the market in a short span of time and developing its brand recognition and visible consumer acceptance
Has been recognised as a recipient of the Business Trust 2023/2024 for demonstrating exemplary business practices and a commitment to trade fairly and being honest to consumers and business partners
For achieving operational integrity, outstanding accomplishments and performance in the business field

About us

Boshsini is a Singapore brand where we take pride in our products as
it’s purpose manufactured to suit the local Singapore and Asian
household needs.

The brand was first established in 2012 and since then we have a wide
range of eco-friendly, stylish, user-friendly and most importantly
durable products for your kitchen and bathroom needs. Our primary goal
is to continually maintain our product standards to provide you with
the luxurious and quality home feel.